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Staying in a hostel room with two 16yo British girls    08/19/18  (54)
Seems like for how much work it takes to be Big Law partner, comp isn't that gre    08/19/18  (40)
Wife refuses to have missionary sex. Says gut interferes in our lovemaking.    08/19/18  (27)
Whats the most prestigious month?    08/19/18  (22)
Can't stop lolling at the CIA security clearance "Philip Mudd" meltdown clip    08/19/18  (21)
Once-great countries that have been ruined by immigrants    08/19/18  (17)
Camels originated in North America, not flame.    08/19/18  (16)
Do any of you bros use your Attic for anything?    08/19/18  (15)
is it just me or are mulatto kids really extra badly behaved?    08/19/18  (14)
Been watching a lot of Monk reruns lately (2002-2009). Culture has changed a lot    08/19/18  (14)
Read this hypo: is this cheating, rape, or both?    08/19/18  (13)
Jury convicts man for sexually assaulting a woman on a plane as his wife sat nex    08/19/18  (13)
Trump WH BENDS THE KNEE, fires speechwriter who did nothing wrong (link)    08/19/18  (13)
solo travel is sooo cr    08/19/18  (13)
Children of California boomers get to keep LOW property taxes?    08/19/18  (12)
MAF kikes can't sue Alex Jones because GC media deleted all the evidence (link)    08/19/18  (11)
'libs' do not want 'equality.' never grant them this moral stature.    08/19/18  (11)
Isn't it weird you know almost nothing about your coworker's personal lives?    08/19/18  (10)
The only part of America worth saving is East Coast WASP culture    08/19/18  (9)
What the fuck happened to the garbage board?    08/19/18  (9)
Media goes all-in on illegal driving pregnant wife to hospital detained by ICE    08/19/18  (9)
How much crack does EPAH's wife charge to suck my dick?    08/19/18  (8)
Chip off nigger tranny cock shove it up jew ass burn in oven fucking fags    08/19/18  (8)
Hey WLMAS come in this thread    08/19/18  (8)
The Houston legal market is gonna be a bloodbath in 2019    08/19/18  (8)
Not flame colt invited some rando fag to the snap group. Only snaps his commute    08/19/18  (8)
Is Huey Lewis & The News an underrated band?    08/19/18  (7)
Proles think $80 is a huge amount of money    08/19/18  (7)
Evil ICE arrests man racing to the hospital with his pregnant wife...    08/19/18  (7)
Russia and China scared shitless about increasing gay dominance in the West    08/19/18  (7)
Wife screaming at kid about his violin posture. Jesus, go to church already    08/19/18  (7)
Explain "nutella" the poaster    08/19/18  (7)
Anyone thrown axes?    08/19/18  (6)
Pretty gay humans have to be constantly drinking water or they die    08/19/18  (6)
Trump said one-state solution would lead to Israeli PM named Mohammed    08/19/18  (6)
Funny how scared xo is of casinos    08/19/18  (6)
Wouldn't it be better if the BEST team got the first pick in the next draft?    08/19/18  (6)
making money is impossible    08/19/18  (6)
we don't want hurt anybody! btw, your grandchildren WILL be brown    08/19/18  (6)
Trump revokes security clearance for ALL retired anti-trump employees    08/19/18  (6)
My daughter keeps turning blue while she sleeps at night and has delayed speech.    08/19/18  (6)
When did Montana turn into a shitlib state?    08/19/18  (6)
NFL 2018: fag in Freddie Mercury cod piece unitard dancing on field    08/19/18  (6)
I have such a small penis.    08/19/18  (6)
"So there's a male cheerleader to throw the chicks in the air etc?" "Not exactly    08/19/18  (6)
Just spent 20 minutes at a houston Starbucks and only saw one other white person    08/19/18  (5)
whatever happened to that hot/bikram yoga trend?    08/19/18  (5)
Woman begging for $ outside Von's. Should I call the cops?    08/19/18  (5)
David Fincher regrets directing The Game, did not know how it would end (link)    08/19/18  (5)
Democracy Needs the Press as the Opposition Party    08/19/18  (5)