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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
Do any of you bros use your Attic for anything?    08/19/18  (15)
Wife refuses to have missionary sex. Says gut interferes in our lovemaking.    08/19/18  (27)
Your favorite biglaw partner taking Qs ITT while pounding a handle of Louis XIii    08/19/18  (66)
Is Huey Lewis & The News an underrated band?    08/19/18  (7)
whatever happened to that hot/bikram yoga trend?    08/19/18  (5)
Why NOT send your kids to private school?    08/19/18  (24)
Anyone thrown axes?    08/19/18  (6)
"Trump and the Joys of Hatred" (a rootless cosmopolitan critique)    08/19/18  (29)
Staying in a hostel room with two 16yo British girls    08/19/18  (54)
solo travel is for gays, shrews, and boomers    08/19/18  (4)
Florida mayor excoriates Latina commissioner for bleaching her anus (vid)    08/19/18  (15)
Jewish Physics    08/19/18  (1)
Giving away awesome Dodger tickets for August 21 (CSLG)    08/19/18  (39)
Alec Baldwin is a concerned dad. (xo DM)    08/19/18  (1)
Just spent 20 minutes at a houston Starbucks and only saw one other white person    08/19/18  (5)
Best restaurant you've actually been to?    08/19/18  (45)
Man wears vibram five fingers in SF, steps on needle    08/19/18  (1)
"little guys from NYU with big glasses"    08/19/18  (40)
Jury convicts man for sexually assaulting a woman on a plane as his wife sat nex    08/19/18  (13)
Britain backs South Africas land grab against whites    08/19/18  (4)
Read this hypo: is this cheating, rape, or both?    08/19/18  (13)
Reminder: Napoleon didnt exist    08/19/18  (2)
Pretty gay humans have to be constantly drinking water or they die    08/19/18  (6)
hey bloodacre    08/19/18  (2)
John Brennan should have resigned a long time ago    08/19/18  (3)
The only part of America worth saving is East Coast WASP culture    08/19/18  (9)
do gas stations make much / any profit off gas?    08/19/18  (2)
Gay sex with men    08/19/18  (4)
Cheers but norm, cliff, and diane are fat jewesses. Boner police 1 man wrecking    08/19/18  (1)
Why are american prisons so brutal & third world?    08/19/18  (19)
azn girl writer mad Hollywood didn't want to make lead character white (twist)    08/19/18  (1)
Seems like for how much work it takes to be Big Law partner, comp isn't that gre    08/19/18  (40)
GOAT musical cucking scene    08/19/18  (4)
today in airline groping    08/19/18  (163)
Whats the most prestigious month?    08/19/18  (22)
Isn't it weird you know almost nothing about your coworker's personal lives?    08/19/18  (10)
I can't imagine people I went to HS with cleaning hotel rooms or doing construct    08/19/18  (1)
CNN should give Phil Mudd his own show    08/19/18  (2)
Pulled the trigger with the 3rd pond guy-- 1.2 acres 36k. [first day pics]    08/19/18  (20)
250,000 men are raped to death in American prisons each year    08/19/18  (1)
Turdbro doctor sedates and rapes woman, no prison time    08/19/18  (5)
Most "success" seems to come from people being Given Things    08/19/18  (4)
xo bros - going to kill self imminently    08/19/18  (87)
daily reminder: we are spending billions to build walls all around Israel    08/19/18  (4)
jfc you dorks, stop using the word 'prestigious'    08/19/18  (1)
Woman begging for $ outside Von's. Should I call the cops?    08/19/18  (5)
and now, All-American boy (((Noah Lipschitz))) to teach you about Constitution    08/19/18  (4)
"sultans of swing" plays as chad bartenders eiffel tower TSINAH's gf    08/19/18  (56)
Actually you to have a right to say and do as you please    08/19/18  (2)
Chad bartender lazily thrusting in TSINAHs gf, waiting for brunch to end    08/19/18  (2)
DTP is an apex alpha chad worth $100 mil who travels the world with his family    08/19/18  (14)
Someone should consolidate all of the SCATHING-ass quotes on women from history    08/19/18  (1)
These Are the Best Movies Since 2000    08/19/18  (176)
Just donated huge box full of cargo shorts to Goodwill    08/19/18  (1)
What have you done for Israel today?    08/19/18  (2)
How normal to go bald on Steve Jobs timescale    08/19/18  (1)
check out this nfl 2018 roughing the passer penalty    08/19/18  (2)
LMAO at this deep state goon going apeshit at conservahero black bro    08/19/18  (2)
What is life in prison like?    08/19/18  (3)
Im so protected I can say what I want and no one will ever know who I am    08/19/18  (2)
Liberals are like spoiled children destroying their parents' home    08/19/18  (2)
When anyone sheds light or truth or exposes a lie they are shut up and need meds    08/19/18  (2)
Its fun to troll and play devils advocate.. people are such liars    08/19/18  (2)
Why dont you plan a new life get it all set up with new papers and bail?    08/19/18  (2)
Trump is human garbage    08/19/18  (3)
1-800-273-8255    08/19/18  (1)
"Dads...I'm gay"    08/19/18  (2)
not convinced it's possible to "cut"    08/19/18  (1)
Liberals are like deranged cat ladies allowing piss and shit everywhere    08/19/18  (1)
WTF, this girl just sent me a naked picture unprovoked see ITT    08/19/18  (39)
We don't log forests anymore we just let them burn down & this is "progress"    08/19/18  (3)
Obama riding bulletproof limo to fortress-mansion: "I'm a citizen of the world"    08/19/18  (7)
Im a jiggaboo    08/19/18  (1)
Melania Trump reportedly asks the White House kitchen staff to prepare healthier    08/19/18  (6)
Mom Called PDDJ's Mom Antisemite For Comments On Brother's Wife's Family    08/19/18  (39)
Imagine Obeezy on a Tinder date blathering about how woke he is    08/19/18  (5)
How many friends does Obeezy have IRL?    08/19/18  (33)
Trump said one-state solution would lead to Israeli PM named Mohammed    08/19/18  (6)
Follow the money! Its all out there for you    08/19/18  (4)
Chip off nigger tranny cock shove it up jew ass burn in oven fucking fags    08/19/18  (8)
My doctor suggested prostate stimulation for a problem I had. It is insane    08/19/18  (1)
bloodacre panicking to acquire second nuke upon realizing he did not demand enou    08/19/18  (1)
Proles think $80 is a huge amount of money    08/19/18  (7)
This nun can pitch better than you (link)    08/19/18  (1)
Can anyone explain the watchmen poasting on multiple boards thing?    08/19/18  (1)
Boner police and I are pen pals    08/19/18  (1)
"In my own town, which is New York..."    08/19/18  (1)
Arianna Huffington tells Elon Musk to work his ppl less. Musk: "Unable."    08/19/18  (2)
the 3 most devastating words in the english language: short | bald | asian    08/19/18  (1)
David Fincher regrets directing The Game, did not know how it would end (link)    08/19/18  (5)
The most credited ways for you to build connection and comfort with a woman    08/19/18  (32)
The thought of the girl you like texting/fucking/begging other men (DTP)    08/19/18  (4)
Seems like for how much work it takes to be top xo poa, comp isn't that gr    08/19/18  (2)
Poll for Marriedmos on Your Sex Life    08/19/18  (3)
I'd be afraid of watchmen IRL    08/19/18  (30)
lol fagit ass doctors w/out borders trafficking migrants, gets pwned    08/19/18  (14)
RATE this Jim Carrey painting of Don Jr and Eric Trump    08/19/18  (15)
Democracy Needs the Press as the Opposition Party    08/19/18  (5)
RATE this Jim Carrey painting of Sarah Huckabee Sanders    08/19/18  (15)
World's strongest man contestant saves landslide victims by moving huge boulders    08/19/18  (3)
Wife is too pregnant for chores so I cleaned all our toilets today    08/19/18  (2)
I would bet $1,000 USD my IQ is higher than Spaceporn.    08/19/18  (53)
Nope, Those Aren't Mailboxes: Paris Rolls Out Sidewalk Urinals    08/19/18  (1)
RATE this Jim Carrey artwork    08/19/18  (2)
TMF says he'd rather go to a Russian prison than American. Typical vatnik lie?    08/19/18  (1)
Elvis - Stimhouse Cock    08/19/18  (3)
Dear Abby: Daughters birth reawakens fathers memories of abuse    08/19/18  (3)
Hollywood pedo-rings come under scrutiny,suddenly 'catholic church' back in news    08/19/18  (1)
Sure are a lot of pedos in the catholic clergy, thats for sure!    08/19/18  (2)
is it just me or are mulatto kids really extra badly behaved?    08/19/18  (14)
Can't stop lolling at the CIA security clearance "Philip Mudd" meltdown clip    08/19/18  (21)
The funniest Trump defense: "explain his sanctions on Russia."    08/19/18  (4)
Children of California boomers get to keep LOW property taxes?    08/19/18  (12)
Stupid shitlib bitch tried to intercept bear attack    08/19/18  (11)
Dear Abby: Toxic family casts doubt on couples future plans    08/19/18  (1)
Former Pro Genie Bouchard In MFH Practicing For The USO (PIC) #tennis    08/19/18  (9)
Jim Carrey catches flack for 'whitewashing' Aretha Franklin in tribute lmao libs    08/19/18  (1)
Launchpad McQuack vs Baloo on Talespin    08/19/18  (2)
Mormons don't want to be called Mormons anymore    08/19/18  (3)
'Coerced into tipping'? How apps are changing the culture of tipping in SF    08/19/18  (1)
NYT acknowleges connection between race and IQ the jig is up    08/19/18  (50)
"Ethereum" is classic crypto shitcoin (DTP)    08/19/18  (24)
Story idea: white technoutopian Wakanda hidden from minority world    08/19/18  (2)
So whats going on my Illuminati friends?    08/19/18  (5)
you are spreading HATE! we want EQUALITY!    08/19/18  (1)
Examples of Covert Racism by libs    08/19/18  (1)
After refusing a handshake, a Muslim couple was denied Swiss citizenship    08/19/18  (11)
Black bear attacks white Siberian Husky    08/19/18  (7)
dinner at a "brewpub" in flyover, should i now finish night at a "cowboy bar?"    08/19/18  (14)
'Hotties' Calendar Destroys Stereotypes About 'Undesirable' Asian Men    08/19/18  (6)
I Golden Corral better than outback    08/19/18  (1)
Have you ever had a day where you reflected: thank goodness I wagecucked today?    08/19/18  (1)
Funny how scared xo is of casinos    08/19/18  (6)
Thinking about buying some beer and drinking myself to sleep    08/19/18  (4)
Milana Vayntrub shaking her giant cans in your face    08/19/18  (5)
DBG - rank these tennis players    08/19/18  (10)
bloodacre stealing nukes and holding NYC hostage for 1000 gallons of cum    08/19/18  (2)
Chandler you could live 180 on that 76k in Lincoln, NE college town    08/19/18  (10)
Landed on moon: 1969. Realizing you should only jack 3 point shots: 2014.    08/19/18  (8)
DBG - rank these tennis players    08/19/18  (6)
solo travel is sooo cr    08/19/18  (13)
Constantly dream of going back in time and buying $1 bitcoin (DTP)    08/19/18  (1)
Disney buyout of FoxNews is going through. Xo silent?    08/19/18  (1)
how long does it take transgender surgeons to change all the chromosomes    08/19/18  (4)
Should I include my squat PR on my resume?    08/19/18  (10)
Djoker, Murrayfag & Lance Are All 0-5 In Finals At A Single Tourney #tennis    08/19/18  (5)
LesbiansWhoCode.org check out the cans on this butch chick with a bullring    08/19/18  (11)
Wouldn't it be better if the BEST team got the first pick in the next draft?    08/19/18  (6)

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