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filed my taxes this weekend. feel accomplished as fuck.    02/25/18  (8)
6'4" 232 lbs.    02/25/18  (5)
Japan used to put out a decent amount of elite marathoners    02/25/18  (5)
Times of India MAF as Trump Goes Hard at H1B's    02/25/18  (3)
"Well, in our generation there is no pay gap," you tell the shrews at brunch    02/25/18  (13)
Where are the happily married xo bros?    02/25/18  (49)
IGWC = I'm Gay With Children    02/25/18  (4)
XO, meet Edward H. Rulloff, the most prestigious serial murderer of all time    02/25/18  (1)
kid banging on my locked bedroom door. im just trying to rest.    02/25/18  (2)
DBG rate this Jewess from Miami    02/25/18  (1)
Pallas Cat In RoboCop helmet: Dead or alive, youre coming with meow    02/25/18  (1)
Fly my forcememes, fly! MPA cackles as pigeons, crabs, brunchmen soar off    02/25/18  (22)
Ever had to deal with someone 10+ years younger in a higher position?    02/25/18  (15)
The explosion of cuckolding is the direct result of internet porn    02/25/18  (2)
Still can't get over libs ruining Star Wars    02/25/18  (1)
Virtually all young white sloots are taking the bbc these days    02/25/18  (1)
its funny because the paperwork we do is higher status than compliance paperwork    02/25/18  (9)
*a bunch of poasters sit IGWC down in a circle & tell him he's a shitty poaster*    02/25/18  (78)
deepfake video of xo Alina    02/25/18  (4)
sht: one month sober. igwc: taking h to ease the pain from damn daddy's cock    02/25/18  (11)
/*\/*\/*\/*\ Schiff Memo RELEASED /*\/*\/*\/*\    02/25/18  (48)
Sings MILBANK TWEED to tune of Enola Gay by OMD    02/25/18  (1)
Sings 'zo-zo zozo po' to the tune of 'macho man'    02/25/18  (1)
straight men: do you prefer COCK-WEINERS or PENIS-DONGS?    02/25/18  (2)
faggot    02/25/18  (7)
ISIS COME BACK PLS    02/25/18  (3)
Ketamine is awesome. Having a great time    02/25/18  (12)
Peep Show/Eastbound and Down crossover    02/25/18  (7)
Your grandpa in P51 over Midway, ur Milkbank website pic taped above fuel gauge    02/25/18  (7)
*IGWC snaps a pic of his insulin needle* "hehe i do heroin"    02/25/18  (1)
IGWC here: sorry for depressed threading today and yesteday    02/25/18  (14)
so AI is basically like the Borg...we know its coming and we have to prepare for    02/25/18  (6)
How fucked up is this? Dood finds pic of swinger mom servicing two BBCs    02/25/18  (55)
"Nasser violated their trust!" *vaccums sentient child into medical waste bag*    02/25/18  (24)
LJL at GERMANY nearly winning gold in ice hockey    02/25/18  (1)
Tomorrow is Sunday, I want a 180 boozy brunch please advise me itt    02/25/18  (9)
How hard is it to get weed in Ho Chi Minh    02/25/18  (1)
How gay to move to Arizona?    02/25/18  (23)
Libs: BLM is actually about a few LEOs being bad apples. Whites: How dare you!    02/25/18  (15)
TMF slapping MNDs ass screaming Comply, Comply, Compl    02/25/18  (5)
Summon ACP    02/25/18  (1)
Summary of the illegal Obama approved spying operation    02/25/18  (1)
(1) Wake up, (2) Drink Coffee, (3) Check Emails, (4) Bump FUCK LIBS thread    02/25/18  (149)
daily reminder: F U C K L I B S    02/25/18  (169)
HoldUp literally believes an insane 7th century child molester is God's prophet    02/25/18  (8)
how low iq do you have to be to think a 16-cell morula has reached personhood?    02/25/18  (4)
#openbordersforisrael, can you link to some credited blogs?    02/25/18  (4)
What corruption is going on that The Last Jedi got 91% on Rotten Tomatoes?    02/25/18  (6)
is heaven susceptible to heat death?    02/25/18  (3)
heat death seems nbd. surely by that point we'll have crafted exit doors.    02/25/18  (2)
put kid to bed. wife still not home. im literally dying of flu and she left me a    02/25/18  (5)
Remember your first true love? Lol you stupid faggot    02/25/18  (21)
Jim Kelly sucking my cock while his wife rips tofu queefs directly into my mouth    02/25/18  (1)
Found a 180 video of a POWERCUCK    02/25/18  (2)
Tinder girl to me: you dont want to know in response to whats your number    02/25/18  (3)
Lifehack: Open & operate a successful restaurant by putting word "craft" in name    02/25/18  (19)
In 10-20 years young US women will only be familiar with disgusting foreskin    02/25/18  (1)
Is he new Natalie Portman movie Annihilation worth watching in theatres?    02/25/18  (3)
reminder: cabbits--cat-rabbit hybrids--are REAL and LIVING. htmfh    02/25/18  (21)
ur HS GF in white adidas, squatting & sucking black cock in Marsielle projects    02/25/18  (6)
today's episode of zozo is brought to you by... the Honda CR-V    02/25/18  (4)
Lets just do right and sing in perfect harmony a perfect world    02/25/18  (1)
tsa pre check and global entry    02/25/18  (12)
Daily Stoic, 2/25/18    02/25/18  (2)
"Sunday Funday," RSF lisped as he took a duck face selfie for Instagram    02/25/18  (101)
should I have burner phone for hooker solicitation    02/25/18  (1)
Pic of cover of today's New York Daily News #BoycottTheNRA    02/25/18  (1)
OMG dont u hurt that dog! *puts fetus in vitamix*    02/25/18  (6)
Azn women are still impressed with guitar skillz.....if it's white handsome    02/25/18  (16)
brunch | bellinis | bortis    02/25/18  (32)
Most women these days have been through a drug-fueled gangbang phase    02/25/18  (4)
Possible to pay women in Thailand like 25-50k to have & raise your chile?    02/25/18  (17)
*makes love to Dux as Zapp & Roger - Computer Love plays*    02/25/18  (1)
Devils taking on Islanders tonight, on the mainland, 8PM    02/25/18  (13)
Me&MPA ridin slow by ur house, gothed out smoking cigs, Moby - South Side blasts    02/25/18  (1)
your organic middle school gf getting blown out by darnell's 5 inch BBC    02/25/18  (1)
jim kellys wifes pixelated gook CUNT getting BLOWN OUT by his 4 incher pornHOG    02/25/18  (1)
I miss the times my organic hs gf would get drunk & eat my smelly hairy farthole    02/25/18  (1)
Was jshad mentally ill    02/25/18  (8)
ur orgaic hs gf being gang fucked & bayoneted by japanese soldiers on Wake Islan    02/25/18  (1)
jshad effortlessly landing 720s off your high school vert ramp    02/25/18  (2)
Daft Punk Digital Love playing as me and damn daddy cyber in an AIM buddy chat    02/25/18  (6)
literal foreigners posing as "US" libs calling pro-American POTUS a "traitor"?    02/25/18  (11)
you on PR in 2004: It will be 1600 if I get into MIT and become an engineer!    02/25/18  (1)
reminder: every "US" lib is an unhinged foreigner trying to make the US a carcas    02/25/18  (2)
BBC Pidgin: Wetin Dey Say Bout Nasty Truck Stop Peter Man    02/25/18  (29)
Seems like libs shouldn't pay foreign spies for fake info to influence eleciton    02/25/18  (5)
'better to burn out than fade away' oops forgot about fgt drummer ruining legacy    02/25/18  (3)
Russian hockey team sings Russian anthem and "Death to America" medal ceremony    02/25/18  (1)
Your WIFE has had CHADS BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL in her PUSSY, ASS, MOUTH, over TITS    02/25/18  (3)
Aramark promises sensitivity training after workers served kishka on Yom Hashoah    02/25/18  (2)
coke dealer got busted - how fucked is he?    02/25/18  (14)
If Russia loses to game to TTT German I will topple the Putin government myself    02/25/18  (4)
The FBI needs to regard NRA membership the same as any other terrorist org    02/25/18  (17)
Trudeau in India: overstaying welcome, banghra dance, paling around with terrori    02/25/18  (45)
ur 14 year old organic HS gf wincing w pain as u proudly shove the 4th inch in    02/25/18  (1)
Julia: Immigration is an inalienable right of humans born anywhere    02/25/18  (70)
Gf has a Narcotics Anonymous keychain    02/25/18  (7)
Feels weird to hear Nirvana songs and realize they're 30 fuckin' years old    02/25/18  (9)
"The controller!" Your organic HS GF giggles, mid-Mario Kart N-64, "it's your tu    02/25/18  (12)
You can marry ONE Olympian. Who do you choose?    02/25/18  (8)
Trump voters literally think Russia is their friend, CIA/FBI is their enemy    02/25/18  (33)
The Honda Credited Response Vehicle, or "CR-V", is a compact crossover manufactu    02/25/18  (42)
Killed a hike today    02/25/18  (13)
women fingering their popsocket 24/7    02/25/18  (1)
put "narcotics anonymous" as an interest on my dating profile    02/25/18  (7)
Alpha beats up his gf, gf's side dude, and gf's mom all at once    02/25/18  (74)
people are terrible at cybersex these days    02/25/18  (6)
So the NRA's argument is that the good guys with guns were totally ineffective?    02/25/18  (1)
*Do Not Get Married**Do Not Get Married**Cannot Stress Enough*    02/25/18  (125)
Just got out of 6 yr relationship with MUSH MONSTER. Will never MARRY    02/25/18  (2)
Video: Mother and daughter in shootout w/ guy robbing their store    02/25/18  (2)
IGWC's beady eyes narrowing as the trucker takes heroin out of his pocket    02/25/18  (16)
Jordan Peterson told incels to stand up straight and to clean their rooms    02/25/18  (38)
Peterman leading Hakuna Matata chorus and dance number from Cheyenne Flying J    02/25/18  (10)
Funny how all casual sex ads looking for males require you to be HUNG    02/25/18  (1)
Video: FL cops open fire on suspect who reaches for his gun    02/25/18  (7)
Hilarious how objectively bad literally all "rap" music is - the GOAT kike scam    02/25/18  (12)
your neurotransmitters aren't broken, your LIFE is    02/25/18  (11)
Carrie beats up a 4chan incel on Homeland lmao    02/25/18  (27)
You're old: kids born after 9/11 will be seniors in high school this year    02/25/18  (3)
Rate this POWERCUCK'S online dating profile    02/25/18  (32)
'One day, the gov't will pay for my grandsons sex change' *Charges jap pillbox*    02/25/18  (8)
Oppressive shrews demand "bed frames"    02/25/18  (21)
I fuckin hate women    02/25/18  (2)
DNC Aiming To Reconnect With Working-Class Americans With New Hamilton-Inspire    02/25/18  (7)
after age 25 womens snatches become very loose and stinky    02/25/18  (5)
HS transman on testosterone wins girls wrestling championship in Texas.    02/25/18  (2)
I was raised to believe every era of human history is objectively better than th    02/25/18  (9)
"Give us your tired, your poor, your passable trannies yearning to be clutched."    02/25/18  (7)
With MGTOW and passable trannys the sexual marketplace can be redistributed    02/25/18  (12)
anyways, passable transexuality & race realism is the only way out *goes to bed*    02/25/18  (31)
blow bender cr until roomie begins obsessively searching her bed for bugs    02/25/18  (23)
gf doesnt know how to kill a kike    02/25/18  (1)
missionary sex is now the best    02/25/18  (2)
lol at korea negging usa by calling it 'me-gook'    02/25/18  (1)
gf doesnt know how to ride a bike    02/25/18  (3)
Pound for pound boxing legend Srisaket Sor Rungvisai    02/25/18  (18)
"But im a boxing MFE" yelped whok as jinxs cock used his prostate as a speedbag    02/25/18  (11)
Susan James poster come give me dirty details ITT    02/25/18  (7)
Brendan Fraser needs a Credited Recovery Vehicle to soothe his broken body    02/25/18  (1)
Brendan Fraser: look at what they make you give    02/25/18  (1)
dorky white boy starts shit with ghetto youth (video)    02/25/18  (3)
"This is nigger!" screeched whokebe gleefully as niggers raped him    02/25/18  (9)
"Jazz MFE taking questions!" squealed whok as jinx sodomized him w/a clarinet    02/25/18  (11)
10 min until bagel place opens. Lox, toasted poppy bagel, capers, ice coffee    02/25/18  (14)
LtDan and IGWC are actually cool    02/25/18  (13)
Why was Japan able to recreate itself so fast postWW2    02/25/18  (45)

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